How our E-commerce website is designed

September 6, 2021 8:33 pm
Architecture overview on why and how we selected right elements

Today most popular web database applications are built around a three-tier architecture model.

At the base of an application is the database tier, consisting of the database management system that manages the database containing the data users create, delete, modify, and query. Built on top of the database tier is the complex middle tier, which contains most of the application logic and communicates data between the other tiers. On top is the client tier, usually web browser software that interacts with the application.

Selecting Server Operating System

When developing a reliable web application like E-commerce where you need to consider many factors like automation, security and scalability, you need to be sure that the OS selected is good as well.

Most web server runs Linux due to security and reliability. If you are a system administrator then maintaining Linux Server is both fun and satisfying. Linux is best match for running a business application.

First Tier - Presentation

The presentation tier is the user interface and communication layer of the application, where the end user interacts with the application. Its main purpose is to display information to and collect information from the user. This top-level tier can run on a web browser like Firefox or Chrome.

Middle Tier - Application Logic

The application tier, also known as the logic tier or middle tier, is the heart of the application. In this tier, information collected in the presentation tier is processed - sometimes against other information in the data tier - using business logic, a specific set of business rules. The application tier can also add, delete or modify data in the data tier.

The application tier is developed PHP and communicates with the data tier using API calls.

Third Tier - Database Server

The data tier, sometimes called database tier, data access tier or back-end, is where the information processed by the application is stored and managed. This is a relational database management system MySQL.

In a three-tier application, all communication goes through the application tier. The presentation tier and the data tier cannot communicate directly with one another.